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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  November 9, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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"live and let die" for sure and who is the psycho from bloomberg mus music? >> and mitt romney, the idea is to sell the magazines. attract it. >> yikes. all right. very good. if it's way too early, mark, what time is it? >> it's "morning joe" but now stay tuned for a special edition of "the daily rundown with chuck todd." after climbing the re-election mountain, president obama sets his sites on avoiding the fiscal cliff. if h in a few hours he will tell the country how he plans to make that happen but will he find enough allieses on capitol hill to do it? the answer to that question is in the hands of house speaker john boehner who is offering an candid take on tuesday's results. it might be causing more republican hand wringing to opening the door to deal making. and the british are coming. what president obama and prime minister cameron can do together
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to get the global economy on track and resolve serious situations like syria. good morning from washington. it's friday, november 9th, 2012. this is "the daily rundown" i'm chuck todd. let's get right to my first reads in the morning. at 11:00, in the white house east room the president will speak to the nation for the first time since his election about what he hopes to accomplish before the end of the year. before taking on the new challenges though the president changed his campaign workers this emotional video from wednesday was released by the obama campaign. >> you guys have done, and the work that i'm doing has improved. i'm really proud of that. i'm really proud of all of you. and -- and what -- [ applause ] >> now it's back to governing. today the president will layout his marker for negotiations on the fiscal cliff. the combination of tax hikes and
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spending cuts that will kick in at the end of the year if nothing is done. a midnight december 30th, the bush tax rates will expire, the alternative minimum tax kicks in. more than half of married couples with two children will owe an additional $4,000 in taxes a year. and the 2011 temporary payroll tax cut expires, meaning a 2% tax increase for most workers. if nothing is done, $984 billion in defense and non-defense cuts that congress agreed to, which is referred to as so-called sequester in washington's beat, that will go into effect. emergency unemployment benefits also be expire. during the campaign the president laid down a line in the sand on the bush tax cuts. >> will you veto any legislation that extends all of the bush tax cuts, even to what you call the wealthy? >> yes. the reason is we can't afford it. it will cost us a trillion dlz. >> last night john boehner laid
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out his opening offer. >> i've made it clear to the president and i think i laid out yesterday that raising taxes on small businesspeople is the wrong prescription given where our economy is. raising tax rates is unacceptable and, frankly, it couldn't even pass the house. i'm not sure it could pass the senate. >> he youed an important word though, raising tax rates. apparently he is open to some tax increases in it comes in the form of increased revenue. in many ways they are simply starting where they left off a year ago and debt ceiling federal governme negotiations. the question is how many house republicans is boehner willing to lose? the white house believes that after the election they have a stronger hand. after not just winning re-election but increasing their senate majority. on thursday, boehner did sound a lot more conciliatory. >> i remain optimistic that we're going to be able to find common ground. tim most reasonable, responsible
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person here in washington. the president knows this. he knows that he and i can work together. the election is over. >> the threat of an economic downturn may also compel action. the congressional budget office released a report thursday detailed saying this, if washington doesn't act before the end of the year, the economy would contract. the unemployment rate would jump from 7.9% to 9.1% by the end of 2013. the most impactful line in the report may be this one, though. after next year, by the agency's estimates, economic growth will actually pick up, and the labor market will strengthen, returning output to its potential level. in shrinking the unemployment rate to 5.5% by 2018. so if we go over the fiscal cliff, short-term paying long-term gain? will senate democrats be willing to give ground in chuck schumer said he was open to changes in medicare and medicaid. >> what i like to say about medicare is, it gives excellent
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health care highly and efficient efficiently. the trick is to get rid of all of he's inefficiencies which anyone who goes through the system knows and still preserve the basic system. >> meanwhile, though, a reminder of the box/boehner. last night he said this about how health care reform. >> well, i think the election changes that. it's pretty clear that the president was re-elected. obama care is the law of the land. >> but you won't be spending the time next year trying to repeal obamacare? >> there certainly may be parts of it that we believe need to be changed. we may do that. no decisions at this point. >> well, almost immediately after the interview boehner tweeted this. obamacare is law of the land, but it is raising costs and threatening jobs. our goal has been and will remain full repeal. boehner also was asked who exactly is the leader of the republican party after romney's loss. >> congressman paul ryan, is he
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the leader of the republican party now? >> oh, i wouldn't think so. paul ryan is a policy -- >> well, there you go. paul ryan, you're not the leader of the republican party right now. officially here in washington, it is, speaker boehner. we're seeing more of the republican blame game. a romney supporter posted a tell all about the romney's campaign get out the vote effort known as orca. quote, this is what they told us. project orca is a massive understand taking. the newest unprecedented and most tech logically advanced plan to win the 2012 presidential election. pretty much everything in that sentence is false, this person keeps writing. and he said, the bitter iron any of this entire endeavor was that a supposedly small government candidate gutted the local structure of get out the vote efforts in favor of a centralized faceless organizations. in this case, their boston headquarters. wrap your head around that.
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karl rove whose failure to win victories at the helm of the cross roads had this defense on tuesday. >> he succeeded by suppressing the vote, by saying to people, you play not like who i am and i know you can't bring yourself to vote for me, but i'm going to paint this other guy as simply a rich guy who only cares about himself. >> remember the team romney and the republicans outspent team obama the democrats in the last three months of this campaign. actually in the entire campaign. while president obama is already getting knee deposition in the second term issue, the fiscal cliff, he also had some house keeping to do in his cabin cabinet, mainly replacing a handful of high profile secretaries, including hillary clinton, tg, tim geithner, leon panetta. they're all expected to leave sometime in the next few months, possibly, even before the end of the year. secretary of state hillary clinton repeatedly said she's on her way out. >> i want to then take some time to get reconnected to, you know,
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the stuff that makes life worth living. you know, family, friends, the sort of activities that i own joy. >> of course, this one-time rival to barack obama may be replaced by another former presidential candidate john kerry. he, of course, is chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. another candidate the president's national security adviser tom domilan and u.s. am bass kor susan rice who may some controversial to republicans because she was the obama's representative who gave the initial incorrect intelligence information about benghazi attack. treasury, the top candidate to replace geithner is jack lew who has served as the president's budget director. the president may decide to keep lew where he is and might look elsewhere. a bunch of names have bethrown there. mark warner, erkine bowles.
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at the pentagon, leon panetta's departure probably won't after until after spring. but some think that michelle will be the first ever woman to head the pentagon. and then in the senate, rhode island senator jack reed, and john kerry, the man who talked bob gates into staying at defense in the beginning of the president's first term. and then there's john kerry and some thought there if rice gets stayed, they still would want to put kerry in the cabinet somewhere. and then there's attorney general eric holder. long time target of conservatives. he said he's undecided about whether he wants to stay on. >> that's something that i'm in the process now of trying to determine. the first step has already occurred, that is the president has been re-elected. and i will have to think about can i contribute in a second
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term. i will have to obviously talk to him, speak of members in my family, particularly one, who i'm married to. and ask myself, the question about, you know, do i think that there are things that i still love to do, do i have -- let some gas still left in the tank. it's been an interesting and tough four years. well, the inevitable cabinet shuffle comes at a crucial time. will the president bring in insiders or outsiders? super staffers or heavy hitters? perhaps even a republican, we shall see. joining me now is moderator, in bc's "meet the press" david gregory. let's start with fiscal cliff. >> yeah. >> first of all, the john boehner interview with abc is just so -- it says everything about the box that he's in. on one hand he's trying to sound conciliatory but that one lig little thing on health care and look what happens. >> you pointed out, too, that maybe if rates is something he
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doesn't want to lower is there a way to raise other kinds of revenues. there's still the simpson bowles framework out there. a lot of work that's already been going on among republicans and democrats in the senate to try to push something that would increase revenues and cut spending. the template is there. are the conditions changing, that's the question. >> and to see that boehner, you know, it's funny. mike i ha mike, remember john boehner's vote to stay in at speaker happens after the fiscal cliff. can he cut a deal that -- a big deal with president obama before that vote? he thinks no. >> well, i mean, i think we also have to allow for the possibility that there's some sort of deal that is a foundation for a broader deal after the first of the year and the next congress. do they want to try to get it all resolved now. >> does the president give up his leverage if he does that? it's clear what the republicans want to do. kick the can down the road because maybe the politics will get better. it's a what if game.
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>> i think the challenge for the president is, as he defines what the mandate is, is to try to make it difficult for republicans to say no. so how does he do that? what's the lever that he actually has, because i'm with you, the longer this drags out and more breaks down address logical lines, it gets harder. >> you can see, to box in boehner, does boehner want to be boxed? does he want the senate to come in first and basically have the business community and everybody jump on this deal? >> ally for the president, use the business community in this way. i think there's a huge interest in republicans getting a deal early. getting this off the table so they can go to work on rebuilding, go to work on other things that they want, including tax reform which is hugely popular in conservative circles if they can pull it off. >> let's talk about the cabinet reshuffle. it seems that the lists are basically divided up into big person amounts and super staffers. people that have been around not ever held office, not played the
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political game. i'm thinking jack lew, susan rice, then there's john kerry that are thrown in there or mark warner. the president's tendency is usually to go with the super staffer. >> well, we've seen that, although it's secretary of state he went with awe -- >> and the world may want that. >> the world may want that. kerry gives you a little bit -- but not hillary clinton status but gives you something of a name and he's got the profile overseas. i think he may give the president that. you know, the other part of it though is very interesting. this is an opportunity for the president to do better with the business community. he talked about a secretary of business in a second thererm. he wants to stand there in the next two years and get his arms around robust economic recovery. >> bill clinton, basically, he had this problem and went and grabbed bob. >> there's a couple of guys out there, i think forgetting his last name, who runs honeywell who is on the competitive
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committee. there are guys out there who could be more natural allies. maybe the ship has sailed on jamie dimon and jpmorgan. >> relationship is not so hot. fiscal cliff is going to be a big part of "meet the press." >> we'll talk to schumer, coburn, really understanding the election and where the republican party goes from here as well. >> we've got to talk more about th karl rove thing. >> so he's upset that the obama campaign borrowed his play book? >> did the same thing. >> all right. thank you. still to come, president obama goes where no president has been before. we will be here for an election dissection, looking at what happens next. john boehner signals a new willingness to compromise on immigration while senator mitch mcconnell is losing a few allies but keeping his leadership post. it's friday. we're going to indulge a bit in 2016 speculation. one thing we already know for sure, the first test of the clinton machine is coming up
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the 2012 election is in the books, which means the 2016 conversation really has already begun. look, i'm not messing with you. it really has. marco rubio is going to iowa in one week. others are laying down the handling of the big issue on the agenda, taxes, deficit, and immigration. joining me now is senior
6:19 am
political report john. gentlemen, welcome to you both. all right. i guess we'll start with republican recriminations. i want to do so in the -- in the prism of how john boehner conducted himself in the interview on abc and then immediately having to walk back on health care. if that didn't sort of -- the republican leadership in washington knows the conservative wing of their party drove them off the cliff and yet they're afraid. >> still. >> because look at the composition of the house gop caucus. it is still overwhelmingly conservative. it is still backed by a lot of elements of the tea party. and john boehner is obviously careful about what he says because he wants to fend off a challenge. look, he's not going to have a challenge, but, at least in the short term, he is constantly aware of having to placate his own base, right? everybody has a base. john boehner has his own base. i always struck chuck last night, john boehner comes out in
6:20 am
that interview and talks about immigration reform. watch tweeter, afterwards. steve king from iowa, john fleming from louisiana. house conservatives. i talked to staffers, they said they don't represent the house but you give them attention. when they go to twitter and tee off in the minutes after their speakers talks about immigration reform. >> steve king is already making noises about running for the tom harkin seat. is harkin retiring? we don't know for sure. that's been the long assumption. big opportunity for republicans midterm. iowa on top of the ticket. >> abs lieuly. >> already we know that there's going to be a real republican primary. mitch mcconnell and john corbin basically went about this in a placate the base, contindon't, know, disrupt this. and it failed. now, they're not getting blame and i'm surprised. >> here's the deal. in 2010 they did get involved in a lot of places.
6:21 am
>> they tried. >> they tried. most notably in florida. >> colorado, too, and other places and it blew up in their face. >> because marco rubio wasn't sharing the angle. so this time around they said, okay, we will not get involved. in some ways it's a damned if you do, damned if you don't because i'm not sure -- i don't know that stronger involvement from the nrsc, and the national republican committee, does that keep him from losing? >> but do they get punished for not having the guts to tell jim demint enough? you know what, your guys are doing this. or do they have to do it now? >> i think there will be -- we were talking about this off-air. i do think there is a reckoning within the republican party now to say, do you want to win or do you want to kind of preserve the righteousness of your principles among a smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller group of people. that's what the election showed. >> i bring this up.
6:22 am
some senate republicans think i was being unfair this morning to mcconnell and coryn. the way washington worked 20 years ago, there would have been a challenge. the point you brought up, they were simply reflecting. >> they said what happened in 2010 there was no appetite in intervening in these primaries. mcconnell is lmd -- he made peace with rand paul early on. smart move on his part. who is going to challenge mitch mcconnell. >> there is no obvious -- there was a bill frisk sitting back there when trent lott wanted to get rid of him. they were upset and people, don't forget, trent lott, they were looking for a reason to get him. they found one. it didn't go so hot for him. >> bill frist is an establishment guy. there's nothing on establishment or in the insurgent lane of the senate caucus who would take on mcconnell. >> it seems like demint is happy kind of playing the role of
6:23 am
irrater in chief. i would say, look, has the demint caucus within the senate republican conference grown? yeah, but it's -- if it's demint versus mitch mcconnell, mitch mcconnell wins. >> and he's going to win this thing. the question is how do they manage -- >> what do you do? >> -- republican leaders have not figured out how to manage the base. that's a fact. >> the whole campaign on the president level, they get pushed to the right. >> thatd don't know how to manage. >> because of the conservative bubble. on the down ballot level they nominate candidates who come out of that bubble and a policy or -- >> or they did mainstream candidates like george allen who feels the need to placate -- >> of course. and on policy. and on policy, there's a roadblock from moving towards stances on issues like immigration because you're going to get blowback from the base. but keep in mind what happened yesterday township it wasn't just john boehner who moved on immigration. sean hannity said he had evolved on the immigration issue.
6:24 am
election type consequences. >> this is the problem i feel like. that your natural tendency in politics is to say, we'll let our voters work their will. that's always there. we're not going to get involved. but when the base is working its will and the will of it is -- look, the reality is the will of the republican base is not close to even the center right of this country, that's the problem. you can't let them work their will because their will gets you richard murdoch, aiken. >> what it also gets you is misidentified george allen or tommy thompson. >> establishment people. >> move t to the right. >> and look ridiculous doing it. rebirth. >> yesterday i talked to an operative, the the same thing. we've got to figure out our problem with the primary. >> presidential. >> i've got to leave it there. up next, stocks sink for the second day in a row.
6:25 am
it's all because of what's going on here in washington, right? the gridlock, does it continue to create a crisis on wall street? plus -- >> can i just point out that somehow allister gets to ask a question on behalf of the u.s. press corps but he sounds like -- were you upset about that, chuck? >> special relationship. >> what's going on with that, jay? come on, man. it's a special relationship. >> do you believe -- the special relationship, how will it shape the president's second term? that's coming up. we're going to have the newer u.s. am bass kor, the ambassador to the uk to the united states. how many senators in the upcoming 113th congress were borne out side the united states? tweet me the answer. first answer will get a fall friday from us. [ male announcer ] do you have the legal protection you need?
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on our radar this morning, president obama makes history with a trip to asia, iran remains qui t it after firing on u.s. drones, and a day is set for the senate hearings on the benghazi attacks if first, we have a little campaign radar news. a ton of it. george prescot bush, the son of former governor jeb bush and nephew of the former president reportedly filed campaign papers in texas. it's the first step to running for state office. he has not said which office he plans to run for. former clinton campaign manager terry mcauliffe has made it official he's running for virginia governor in 2013. by the way, look out for the republican primary for that position in virginia. governor, it will be a national
6:30 am
litmus test. and looking to the midterms, iowa congressman steve king who just won a six-term, toughest race yet in the house, but isn't closing a door on the bid to unseat tom harken. and finally, there's actress and kentucky native ashleigh judd. she's getting some buzz about the possibility she may try to run for mitch mcconnell's senate seat in 2014. judd said it was a little early to discuss 2014 but she hasn't ruled it out. she lives in the state of tennessee and chatter for her run for tennessee governor. president obama will make history next week. three-day trip to ashah. the president will visit myanmar, the u.s. government refers to it as burma, cambodia, becoming the first u.s. president to do so. while in myanmar, he will meet with the country's president and the nobel peace prize winner chi who are both driving the country's emergence from decades
6:31 am
of military rule. the senate intelligence committee hearings chaired by dianne feinstein announced the witnesses for a closed hearing on the benghazi attack is set to take place next tuesday. david petraeus and the director of national intelligence and james clapper who will join others in testifying about the attacks that killed ambassador chris stevens and address the intelligence and security within that region. in a moving speech, u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton paid tribute to the ambassador last night calling him a fallen hero and praising him for his character. >> at the center of this national tragedy was such a real person, with passion and principles, with humor and irony, with ambition and humility. meanwhile, two-day losing streak has set the dow to its worst level since july. today could be another tough day for investors.
6:32 am
let's get right to the market run down. becky, everything here, this is, i heard some explanation. people now selling off because they fear their taxes are going up on their gains so they want to take the gains now. >> you know what, i think there were some people who have been doing some selling ahead of the end of the year because the guess is that dividend rates and capital gains rates are going to go higher. there are a lot of people who assumed that before. chuck, we're looking at opening in red once again today. the dow looks like it's down by 50 points already two minutes into this session in is coming atsz you menti, as you mentioned, the worst week the market has seen in five months. this is really something to set up and pay attention to. it's not just the capital gains tax, it's not the dividend increase. what this is about is the fiscal cliff. you've been talking about this to people. mitch mcconnell, harry reid, the comments they've been making does not make anybody feel that we're any closer to getting to a solution. if we go over the fiscal cliff
6:33 am
you're talking about the gdp plummeting. you're talking about unemployment rebels jumping. and that has a lot of people really concerned because it's starting to look like we have not made any ground, haven't made any progress. wall street is watching and hearing what the president has to say today at 1:00 p.m. >> we did just have a $6 billion status quo election. >> crazy. >> yeah. >> becky quick. >> money well spent. >> thank you much. next, we're going to go across the pond. take a deep dive in what's ahead for the president's second term with the most important ally of the united states these days.
6:34 am
it's been called the key trans atlantic alliance. others have simply called it the special relationship. today it's a deep dive into the tide between if united states and britain as wells the two men that are the face of the alliance right now, president obama and british prime minister david cameron. the term special relationship was coined by winston churchill during world war ii and was embodied in his close friendship with his friend roosevelt. they bonded during the cold war, establishing a famous hot line between the white house and 10 downing street. relations did take a dip in the '90s when major was prime minister but rebounded ben tony blair took office. a leader described as a kindred spirit to the american president, at the time, bill clinton, and staunch ally after that two president george w. bush. president obama struggled a bit with british prime minister gordon brown. he was criticized for giving brown as a handful of dvds adds a gift in 2009 but the president has seemed far more comfortable
6:35 am
with brown's successor david cameron. they have gone to great lengths to show their relationship is alive and well. earlier this year they took in a basketball game together in march madness but the next day the leaders took pains to prove they were on the same page politically as well as personally. >> david shares my belief that in a time of rapid change the leadership of the united states and the united kingdom is more important than ever. so, david, thank you as always for being such an outstanding ally, partner, and friend. >> as barack has said, the relationship between britain and america is the strongest that it has ever been. i believe that's because we're working together as closely as at any point in our history. in a test of that alliance cameron resisted pressure from inside his own country and stuck with obama on the 2014 time line to get troops out of afghanistan. the two countries have weathered the financial crisis by maintaining $180 billion trade relationship under cameron's watch, britain took a lead role
6:36 am
in taking down moammar ga dadfy and remained in lock step in sir you and iran. after tuesday's results came from prime minister cameron had only good things to say about the man he has been working with, another les until his own re-election bid in 2015. >> what i'd like to congratulate barack obama on his re-election. i've really enjoyed working with him over these last few years. i look forward to working with him again over the next four years. >> the prime minister made a point to call president obama to congratulate him thursday. even tweetding out photos of him on the phone about it. according to cameron's spokesman, the two talked about five minutes and promised a longer discussion on a range of issues. joining me now is the british ambassador to the united states, sir peter. nice to meet you finally. you've been here six, ten months. >> ten months. >> pardon me. we've been in the midst of our election. it's been a little bit of a
6:37 am
press. but let me start with sort of where things are. give me an assessment of where the uk's economy is right now. you guys have done different measures on the financial choice sis than the u.s. >> our economy is still in a decision. we had three consecutive quarters of negative growth. we just had encouraging news. we grew out just over 1% in the last quarter. on the back offed a jurgsmentes from the olympics and so on but good news. we've gotten rid now of one-third of the deficit which our deficit reduction program was designed toe get rid of me with have austerity program which is tough but is having a real effect. we're balancing with a bunch of different measures to stimulate growth and investment and our fdi figures are high. lots of companies coming into the united kingdom. we have come a long way, cutting red tape, improving the overall environment for investment. it's a balance. but we feel that we're on the right track. >> you know, when you have u.s. lawmakers are seeing what happened to your economy doing
6:38 am
the austerity measures, it's given pause to how we handle our own fiscal issues. and why there is this sense of -- that the united states is afraid of doing -- being as astere as you guys were. basically you went back into recession. >> we now emerged from it. we cross our fingers we will stay out of it. you have advantages. you have the reserve currency. you're the biggest economy in the world. we did not have that. we're not part of the eurozone. if we had not stuck with the deficit reduction program our borrowing cost for sterling would have gone through the roof whereas partly because, largely because of the program that he is pursuing now, he can borrow money for the british state at lower rates than possible in 600 years. that makes a difference. >> let's talk about the two big crises that i think are going to be on the desks of this alliance, if you will, and that's syria and iran. first of all, in syria e what more can be done, what should be done if the united nations isn't going to act?
6:39 am
is there -- is there the political opportunity for prime minister cameron to develop the same coalition with the president on syria that was done with libya? >> one of the questions which was at the top of his agenda when he called the president to say congratulations on thursday was syria because david cameron was in jordan just the day before yesterday. he went up towards the border. he began to talk to syrian opposition people. we're very supportive of the attempts going on to try to bring the oppositions together. shared frustration between the president and the prime minister that syria is not going right. 40,000 people have lost their lives. the more we leave it the greater the risk of a sectarian bloodbath. what can we do? i think more coordinated support with the opposition elements, perhaps looking at different options like humanitarian corridors and so on. we've got to put pressure on bashar al-assad to leave the scene. that's what my prime minister was talking about yesterday.
6:40 am
and to allow a more inclusive political arrangement. >> all that sounds good, but the bottom line is if assad thinks he's got the support, the support essentially or support of the russians, what's his motivation for either stepping aside to allow potential peaceful reckonciliation or anything even having a military step in because the russians finally back off? >> that is a problem. you know, we disagree with the russianss and the chinese, which have brought further measures to the security council. so there is a problem as long as they continue to support the regime. >> do you think there is a path to get the russians to get off this -- to basically step away from assad? >> i would simply hazard if events on the ground begin to look very different, we begun to see significant defections from the syrian army. if we saw the different opposition elements inside and outside the country be more effective. if they were better trained,
6:41 am
better coordinated, it may be, may be events on the ground would make people think, well, maybe this guy is not going to win after all so we should not back a loser. >> where is the uk when it comes to iran? do they want the talks to continue or do they believe that iran is simply using the talk as a stall tactic to continue on with their nuclear capabilities? >> on the fundamentals on iran we are in exactly the same place. we do not believe that the world can or should live with this. >> everything should be done to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon? >> yes. >> everything is on the table? >> right. everything is on the table. we would like to pursue the existing track of outreach if they would like to talk to us or sanctions. what we don't have though is whether the supreme leader, because he seems to be the guy who calls the shots, does want to do a deal as he says he does because he says the nuclear weapons on islamic are wrong and whether he's prepared to settle this on terms of the community or not. i think we have to test that.
6:42 am
my government certainly believes that the military option is very much an option of last resort. but we are agreed that we cannot let iran have nuclear weapons. >> thanks for coming on. nice to finally meet you. we'll have you on again. >> thank you. next, the story we can't stop talking about today, how romney's get out the vote campaign fell flat on election day. our friday political panel will be here next to try to wrap up this historic week and figure out the beached whale that was or a. first, the white house soup of the day, tomato basil. i don't have much to say about that. at least basil helps it maybe smell better. come in to check out our website. one.
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well, the post-mortem on the romney campaign will continues for months and years. the latest criticism focus tond get out the vote called orca. daniellea gibbs and republican ad maker brad todd. welcome all. brad, i'm going to give you the unceremony use duty of having to talk about project orca. i want to read you a little bit of an excerpt of john, a romney volunteer, on asa conservative blog, ace of spades. he talked about he was ready to take project orca and ready to volunteer and talk about the experiences of it basically not working. he writes this at the end. so the end result was 30,000 plus of the most active and fired up volunteers were wandering and confused and frustrated. maybe if this had worked you -- if this had worked out it could have closed a gap. i sure hope not, for my sanity's
6:47 am
sake. look, i think there's always a lot of criticism in a losing campaign. everybody has to share it, the candidate, the campaign, the party's brand. where do you fall on this? >> i think we have to go ahead and wave the white flag on tacticals surrender here. tactics didn't work this time. i would rather spend a lot more time on what tactics to win in 2014 and 2016 than what went wrong in 2012. clearly tech logically behind on where the democrats are on turn o turnout. we have to fix it. it's not optional. >> do you think a debate about sort of different messaging when it comes to brand, tone, things like that, is necessary? >> sure, there's going to be a lot of conversations about tone and message, however, i don't think there's going to be any kind of debate about ideology. republicans know who we are, know what we belief. eight you out of the last ten times we added a governor. things we have to work on. we're going to talk a little bit more about messaging and me
6:48 am
messeng messenger. >> i'm going talk about fiscal cliff. you wrote a very compelling piece that we have up on first street this morning about john boehner's box and about how you -- you cannot figure out how a big deal can get struck before december 31st. explain. >> you know, there is a house republican conference still run by conservatives. john boehner is elected by those conservatives. first of all, he has -- usually a formality but the speaker is elected first day of congress, january 3rd. he's going to strike a deal on a deal on entitlements, tax reform. this framework as a predicate to coming to a deal on the tax. >> he's going to do all that before the vote. >> first of all. second of all, it's going to take time. it's going to have to be a fight and demonstrate to the conference when the business community, when the senate republicans pull the rug out from under him they're isolated. when there's this economic clat clichl and the whole world is coming down on him, i don't
6:49 am
see -- if past is precedent, how do to get anything done before we get to that point. >> politically though, the white house has the most leverage in this small period of time, the longer they let this drag out the last political leverage they will have. it's just a fact of life. >> yeah. now, i agree with todd. >> but they have to acknowledge boehner's problem. >> he has a really big problem. but i think something's going to have to get done before then. tinge pressure is going to be too great from the senate, from business leaders, from the country, you know, from this election. i don't think that boehner -- we've been down this road before. we've seen it happen before. we're going to do exactly what happened in 2008 and wait for the house republicans again to basically tank the market? >> let me say quickly, republicans are saying now that the republican conference, their eyes have been opened, that they shocked the pond, the election shocked the pond. there was a conference called the boehner hat with a larger conference. >> did it because you're telling me sitting there saying, hey, house republicans only lost maybe four seats. >> house republicans got a vote of confidence from the american
6:50 am
public this year. >> you believe they did? >> absolutely. >> also very clear that the american republican got a vote of confidence. and it's also clear that the american republican rebuked obama in 2010. you have to put a burden of leadership here. he e is the president and he has to be willing to do the hard work to propose solutions that can pass the house. >> why should it be to pass the house? what if it passes the senate. >> the senate is closely divided. they have a few democrats who are saying left and who are on the ballot. mary landrieu and mark prooier for two. he has to show leadership. >> that's going to be interesting. we'll continue right after. trivia time. we asked how many senators in the upcoming 113th congress were born outside the u.s. i said three on twitter. my apologies, it's four.
6:51 am
texas senator elect ted cruz hails from canada. they join michael bennett and john mccain who were both born outside the united states. sduf a political trivia question? e e-mail us. we'll be right back. melons!!! oh yeah!! well that was uncalled for. folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy, ronny? happier than gallagher at a farmers' market. get happy. get geico. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan.
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let's bring back our panel. daniela, i'm going to start with with you. i'm going to point the question here. can the obama turnout machine, coalition, everything else ever be transferable? >> i think it can be. if the only lesson that republicans learn from tuesday is they need to change their
6:55 am
tactics. it's their ideology. it's what they believe. it's the conservative party that's taken them over. and i think that's the biggest lesson to take away. >> brad? >> i think the take away is elections are fought over the future. you can't run on the state of the country of in the present. if there's one fault this time it was to try to be a referendum of are things good enough right now? people want answers about where we're going. >> i hate to be conventional. but i think it's too far estranged. it's too wide to reach between the different ends of the spectrum within the republican party. >> it's a reminder to me that campaigns do matter. there's so many races where the campaign on the ground matters. we can talk about atmospherics all you want. they only get you to 47%.
6:56 am
shameless plugs. >> matt lewis's article about how the republican party needs to modernize, not moderate. >> i write a column on politics and sometimes pop culture. >> an organization founded by a woman. congressional staffers help kids and empower kids. >> thanks very much. that's it it for this edition of "the daily rundown." have a great weekend. try to get some sleep. we are. we'll see you back here on monday. up next, chris jansing. bye-bye. joe comes in a paper cup at the drive-thru.
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